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Bonnet chocolate cookies


The day is drawing to a close and it is teatime! This indulgent moment is my favorite meal. Why? Because it is always delicious. From croissants to pains au chocolat, not forgetting madeleines and brioches, discover recipes to satisfy even the most ravenous appetite in a jiffy. Also known as afternoon tea, this indulgent break is a timeless French late afternoon ritual. Cakes, creams, mousses, tarts, biscuits teatime covers them all! Discover my range of indulgent recipes from fruit salad to home-made pain aux raisins. Top tip: prepare another batch as soon as the first one is finished. The first rule of being greedy is forward planning.

Classic French desserts can justifiably boast that they have stood the test of time. For me, dessert recipes ranging from our grandmothers favorites to new versions with a twist are the ultimate treat to round off a meal. My indulgent selection has something for everyone, from lemon meringue tart to millefeuille and floating islands, each followed by a Did you know fact. If like me, you are a pastry chef at heart, then you can prepare amazing desserts which will quite literally set your taste buds tingling. Go on, unleash your inner dessert lover. 

"Goûter" on the go

Revisited recipe

Prep: 15 min //Cook : 10 min



For a coffee with friends, I chose a simple but effective recipe: Cookies! However mine are a bit special so they have the particularity to make you addict. I actually use « the » high quality of raw material: the chocolate bar of the Maison Bonnat.

My ingredients & directions

    • 1 egg

    • 85g of sugar

    • 85g of sweet butter

    • 150g flour

    • 1 chocolate bar Maison Bonnat

    • 1 packet of vanilla sugar (optional)

    • 1 teaspoon baking powder

    • 1/2 teaspoon of salt

1. Let the butter soften at room temperature. In a salad bowl, knead it with the sugar

2. Add the egg and possibly the vanilla sugar

3. Gradually pour the flour, baking powder, salt and chocolate cut into pieces. Mix well

4. Butter a baking sheet or cover with a silicone one. Using two tablespoons or simply with your hands, form some pieces of dough spacing them as they will spread out during cooking

5. Bake 8 to 10 minutes at 180°C or thermostat 6. Take them out as soon as the contours start to brown

Page 1Created with Avocode. BEST CHAMPAGNE PAIRINGS

Charles de Courance, Brut Rosé

  • Appearance: salmon pink dress

  • Nose: citrus notes like grapefruit

  • On the palate: light citrus notes mixed with red fruit aromas


Charles de Courance, Demi-Sec

  • Appearance: golden yellow color with intense reflections

  • Nose: intense notes of ripe fruit, enhanced by touches of praline and toasted

  • On the palate: brioche and toast accents


The packaging of tablets is so beautiful that it would be a shame to put it in the trash without enjoying your guests. Tell them the story and the origin of the tablet you have chosen. Arrange your cookies simply on the chocolate bar packaging.

Did you know it?

If I say "Chocolate Bonnat", does it mean anything to you? You might already given in to temptation several times. Like me, you are a « chocolavor »! If this is not the case then I strongly invite you to discover this brand of chocolate. It was in 1884 that Félix Bonnat founded the Bonnat house and delighted the taste buds of all chocolate lovers. It is only 72 years later that Raymont Bonnat revolutionizes the world of high-end chocolate: for 100 years of chocolate, he invents the "Grands Crus" tablets, based on pure and guaranteed origin beans. So, let yourself be tempted by these different flavors.


"What makes the palace feel good does not hurt the soul" - Motto of Maison Bonnat since 1884



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